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I quite often take photos with half a mind to work them into a blog post somewhere, but often they never make it. Rather than letting them waste away on my hard drive, I’ve decided to stick them all on Instagram instead.

These are the pick of the bunch for this week:15/06/14 Instagram collageBecause this is a new account, I’m following hardly anyone, so I’m looking for recommendations.

Are you on Instagram? Do you follow anyone crafty or artistic?

Let me know in the comment section!

I’m also on Pintrest too, so look me up if you want to know what is inspiring me at the moment!

(My username for both sites it bamcrafts.)

Spring walks, crochet flower pots and lots of delicious colour!

I’m naturally a very cynical soul, especially when it comes to the weather, but for the last few days I’ve enjoyed the delusion that’s been delighting the nation: that spring might have sprung early. It was 17°C yesterday! T-shirt weather! I dragged Mr BAM out for a walk in the woods and it was glorious!

2014-03-09 13.45_edited-1

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Owl inspiration

Owl inspiration

I love owls. I’ve crocheted them, painted them and embroidered them, but this weekend I got to see the real thing up close at the Hastings Town and Country Show at Alexandra Park.

This big guy is an Eagle Owl and I love his big tufty eyebrow feathers. You should have seen the size of his claws! I was telling my husband to make noises like a struggling mouse to get the bird’s attention, but when I saw the size of its claws a suggested he upgrade to a dying rabbit! That got the response you’d expect, from both the bird and my husband. I got much better results singing “Who Are You?” by the Who. I can only conclude that either the owls are used to people making twit-twoo type noises, or they are CSI Vegas fans.

I’m rooting for CSI.