The story of the double rainbow rug – pattern included!

baby room rainbow rugWhen is a bath mat not a bath mat? When it’s a rug for the baby’s room instead!

Yeah, that doesn’t really work as a joke or an explanation really, does it? Okay, so here’s the full story…

I wanted to knit a cotton bath mat, and Woolwarehouse had Drops Loves You 5 back in stock (ridiculously cheap, bright and lovely recycled cotton in aran weight), so I figured I could whip one up pretty quickly. (Stop laughing!) A bath mat is just a simple rectangular shape, I thought, not much to go wrong, I thought, (I can still hear you!), so here’s a chance to write up a little pattern.

I agonised over number of stitches, the depth and number of stripes. I worked it all out. I even knitted a gauge swatch. I had a plan. Continue reading

New pattern: Rah Rah Boombah baby hat

rah rah boombah 5

I love hats. I love making them and I love wearing them, but unfortunately I am naturally very hot-blooded, so I hardly ever get cold enough to wear them! One of the upsides of being a new mum who knits and crochets is the universal insistence that baby should be wearing a hat every time she leaves the house. Baby BAM already has half a dozen hats I’ve made for her, but they are never quite what I want: too scratchy, too big, too small, too easy for her to wriggle out of just enough for her ears to get cold… the list goes on. Continue reading

Raving about Ravelry and the beauty of the basics

I can only report slow but steady progress on my various WIPs over the last week. It doesn’t make for a very exciting blog post now, but I am looking forward to showing off pictures of some finished objects soon!

One of the first free patterns I tried from Ravelry - some socks in DK

One of the first free patterns I tried a few years ago from Ravelry – some socks in DK

Meanwhile, lovely things have been happening on Ravelry! It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Ravelry, and in particular the free patterns you can find there. It’s an amazing community, and I particularly love that you can see not only what people have done following the patterns, but also see their notes on what alterations they made and how they customised it to fit their own needs. Will that gorgeous shawl look just as good in DK as it does in 4-ply? Chances are that someone else has already tried it, and posted pictures! Continue reading

Two tone beanie pattern in sizes child to watermelon!

I’ve finally written up my new pattern for these very easy beanie hats! This is the first time I’ve written a pattern for multiple sizes, so there has been a lot of frantic test knitting over the last couple of weeks. I’ve tried to keep the pattern fairly simple but I did fuss over the ribbing a bit to make sure that it sits nicely even when it is stretched. Hopefully it’s still straight forward enough for anyone trying knitting in the round for the first time.Two tone beaniesTwo tone chunky beanie

Continue reading

New knitting pattern: Super simple super chunky leg warmers

Easy knitted leg warmers

I didn’t set out to write a knitting pattern for leg warmers, but (after some disastrously saggy in-the-round experimentation) one happened! I wanted something simple that I could wear both around the house and out and about with my beloved purple Doc Martens, so they don’t quite reach from ankle to knee. I’m delighted with the result (especially all the mismatched buttons!) so I wrote up my notes so you can make them too! Continue reading

Sunburst Tea Cosy – my new crochet pattern (and its free!)

Sunburst tea cosies

Remember the Sunburst Tea Cosy I gave you a sneak peek of last week? Well, I’ve been double and triple checking my notes so that I could share this brand spanking new crochet pattern with you here! It would make a great Christmas present for a tea lover, and it works up quickly because it is made in aran weight yarn. It’s a lot simpler to make than it looks too! The final round of the top piece is where all the magic happens, so I’ve included extra photos to show you what’s what. Continue reading

Knitted bauble covers with hearts and stripes – new pattern!

hearts and stripes knitted baubles

I LOVE making knitted bauble covers. I started out using the pattern from Mollie Makes Magazine issue 46 but I came up with my own version of the pattern when I couldn’t make them fit my baubles properly, and I couldn’t resist adding stripes and a little row of hearts!

The baubles I use measure just over 18cm around, and I bought them in Homebase. I found the best way to fine tune the fit is trying different size needles to alter the tension, but remember the heart pattern does need larger needles because its not as stretchy. Continue reading

BAM’s Basic Bunting – new knitting pattern!

As promised, here’s my super easy pattern for knitted bunting!

BAM's basic bunting

You don’t need any fancy knitting skills to make this basic bunting! Each triangle is worked from the pointy tip upwards with steady increases every third row after row 5. Once you get the hang of the pattern it’s easy to make the triangles bigger if you want to, or you can cast off as soon as you reach the size you want. Continue reading

Granny Panel Tissue Box Cover – new pattern!

I always like to make presents instead of buying them, but Fathers Day managed to sneak up on me this year. I needed to make something for my Dad that would be quick to make, and something he might actually use! My mum had suggested a tissue box cover to hide the tatty looking box that he kept by his armchair, and I was pretty sure I had a pattern for one in a magazine somewhere, but I couldn’t find the damn thing anywhere! So I improvised one, and it turned out pretty well. Dad was pleased I’d made him something, and Mum was happy that the offending box of tissues was now hidden.

I decided to give the design another go, taking notes this time, using the same cheep and cheerful (and very fluffy!) aran weight acrylic I used for my dad’s present. Again, it was pretty good but the yarn wasn’t quite right for the project, and I was running out of what few colours I had. So I turned to my stash of gorgeous Lily Sugar n Cream worsted weight cotton and with a bit of fiddling about I came up with this!

Granny panel tissue box cover

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