More skirts, another granny square bag, and an assortment of events

July has been a busy month for me, and somehow my makes have dropped out of sync with my posts. I’m not complaining, it’s lovely to have so much going on, but I don’t want any projects to slip through the cracks. This blog is as much about me keeping a record for myself as it is about showing off to you lot!

That said, I do want to show off the sequels to the BA*M! skirt. I made them especially to wear to LFCC, and I bought the fabric at a fantastic shop in Tunbridge Wells called World of Sewing. I could have cheerfully spent a fortune there, but I was good and only bought what I needed to make two skirts.

With the first one I tried inserting pockets, and had mixed results. They looked okay, but were a bit too small to fit my hands in properly. As a first attempt they weren’t too bad.

Panda skirt by *B*A*M! Crafts Continue reading

Hot work in the garden!

My husband and I spent the day trying to finish revamping our coffee table. We bought it second hand last year and we loved it except for one small detail: it was a bit orange. After spending three days this week sanding it (with a belt sander – yay power tools!) we finally waxed it today, and guess what. It hardly looks any different! It seems that the wood itself has a very orangey tone and all we’ve managed to do is mess up the finish!

Well, that’s my quota of DIY for the rest of this year then! I can sit back and look at my uneven orange table and know that I am doing exactly the right thing by sticking to my crochet.